How I became a Software Developer.

This is a short blog to tell my story of how I changed my career to software development, with the hopes that this will, somehow, help your decisions and help steer your journey into software development.

COVID-19 and the software engineering industry.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at Poole Software Limited. That must mean one thing, the year is almost over, and what a year!

Bespoke software development career.

Recently, we received a phone call to our office by a person looking to start a new career in bespoke software development. In this blog post, Andrei explains the steps he would take in today’s world to start a new career in bespoke software development…

Charity is important.

As a business, Poole Software Limited is dedicated to helping those around us that do not enjoy the same privileges and comforts as we do. There are children around the world that are in need of basic spiritual, emotional and physical help. We are for those children…

Why we invest in people.

Recently, we decided to take on a student from Bournemouth and Poole college on work experience. In this blog post we explain why we did it. We also encourage other IT companies locally to do the same.

Search engine optimisation (SEO).

As any good business with a website, like ourselves, we needed our website ready for the two major search engines, - Google Search and Microsoft Bing. In order to get the website ready, we had to do some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on the website first. In this blog post, we explain how we went about it.

A word from the owner.

In this blog post, our owner, Andrei Bazanov, speaks about his journey in the software engineering and web development world and offers some insight about Poole Software Limited that you won’t read anywhere else.

How we got 100% in the Google PageSpeed Insights.

Recently, we thought it would be a good idea to redesign our Poole Software Limited website. Given that on average, a user will only wait about five seconds for a website to open, before they give up and move on, - the new website had to load quickly. Of course, when the new website was ready, it yielded an impressive 100% for desktop and 99% for mobile (see below). That is quite a good result by anybody’s standards, including Google’s own standards...

How to outsource your software development project.

When it comes to outsourcing software development projects, it can be a real challenge to find the right software house. In this post, you will learn a bit about how to outsource your software development project, without outsourcing your profit as well...

Cowboys..., cowboys everywhere!.

As a company director, one of my joys is to talk to prospective customers about their development needs. One day I had an interesting chat, if not humorous, with a self-proclaimed software developer about some urgent mobile / software development requirements he had. In this blog posts I record the overall discussion. I hope you enjoy it...