These are some industries we have been serving so far.


Fleet Management

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Due to our background in the fleet management field and also vehicle leasing and rental in general, we are able to offer our customers real value in real time. We work with companies within the fleet management industry who want to progress their software systems to more modern standards that are distributed and secure. We help them make their offerings much more accessible to their drivers and ensure a high degree of driver engagement. Driver expectations have got much higher today, and we can help you meet them.


Air-Traffic Control

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One of our key customers is Copperchase Limited. Copperchase are a global player in the provision of Air-Traffic Control (ATC) data systems. The ATC community are heavily regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and technological progress has been slow, but that is changing now. More and more new data systems are built on the latest web-based technologies due to the security that they offer but also the flexibility. We have worked on numerous ATC projects providing top quality software development services which have helped introduce new products and ways of operating within the ATC industry.


Other Industries

Financial Technologies (FinTech)

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