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The software engineering and web development industry landscape has undergone massive change in the last 20 or so years. The rate of advancement is eye-watering. New technologies, frameworks, tools, libraries, and so on, are coming out rather fast if you ask me. It is somewhat of a challenge to keep up with all of them, let alone with what has been around for a while.

After graduating from Bournemouth University in 2008 where I read BSc (Hons) Computer Science, I went straight into the software engineering and web development industry. Over the years since then, I have had the privilege to see and experience, first hand, this rapid technological advance that is before our very eyes. The tools that were used back in 2008 are rarely used these days. And with them, gone are many of the technologies that were popular at the time, too. That makes it a real a challenge when it comes to choosing the right technology, for any given project. Will that technology be around in the next 10 years? Will the tools you chose be supported for the next 10 years? These are always questions that need a very good answer, before starting any software engineering project for a given business.

Having specialised in the field of Software Engineering Management at university, after my graduation, I went to work for Copperchase Limited www.copperchase.co.uk. Copperchase Limited are a supplier to the Air-Traffic Control (ATC) industry. There, I mainly did desktop applications to be used in general aviation airports and such. Flight Data Management Systems (FDMS), Meteorological, Information Display System (IDS), and so on. The requirement for reliable and fault-free code was very high. Good code testing was important. The company needed to keep its ISO certification and that meant adhering to the highest and best industry standards of software development practices.

At the end of 2012, I went to work for Interface 24/7 Limited (part of i247 Group) www.i247group.com. “Working as a partner to leasing, manufacturers and fleet management organisations we are a Fleet Service Provider that specialises in providing contact managed services and technology solutions to the Automotive industry.” At Interface 24/7 Limited, I mainly did bespoke business web applications development and maintenance. I was the key web developer for some of their award winning systems to the industry. Areas such as vehicle tyre, glass and service management for vehicles within the car leasing industry, were the main areas of concern for me in my day-to-day job. Eventually I became the software engineering manager for the group where my duties were to manage the software engineering department and all the challenges that come with that. Things like project management, recruiting new developers, directing the technology adoption within the development team and the many other hats that you have to wear in that position.

Managing a software development team was challenging, stretching, and a very steep learning curve. I did not do it for long though, because during that time, I started really considering starting my own software engineering and web development company, here in Poole, Dorset, UK. The idea of using the latest technologies to build solutions for businesses that are resilient, reliable and very secure, was very appealing to me. The name of the company was an extreme stretch to my imagination, but it did finally come, and Poole Software Limited was it. The perfect name after many hours of head-scratching, I am sure you will agree.

At Poole Software Engineering we are concentrating on what we are best at. And that is bespoke business software applications. We provide bespoke business software engineering and custom web development services to specific customer requirements. Having been part of the whole software life-cycle on many occasions, makes it easy for us to take our customers from the idea on a napkin to the fully-fledged solution, hosted and fully managed in the cloud. Over the years, I have mainly worked with the Microsoft stack of technologies. I have mainly done Microsoft .NET software development and of course ASP .NET web applications development. The new and much improved .NET Core framework is our favourite framework to develop against.

So, if you need any help with software or web development, contact us. We will be glad to hear from you. Our experience means you will get the solution that you need, rather than the solution that we like. It has been said that “If all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail to you”. We have a full range of tools for the job. And, since we are in mood for witty quotes here it seems, here is another one “There is always someone who will do it cheaper”. We do not publish our prices because we are not battling on price. We are battling on quality, and so should you.

14 March 2019 | Andrei Bazanov
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