Why we invest in people

Recently, a student from Bournemouth and Poole College contacted us about a work experience placement within the IT industry. Since we are a software and web development house located in Poole, we decided to give it some thought. After all, we recognise the importance of partnering with the next generation of IT professionals.

You see, at Poole Software Limited (PSL) it is our passion to raise the next generation of IT professionals, and especially software engineers and web developers. The industry is experiencing a real shortage of skilled and talented young professionals. As a result, much of the software engineering and web development gets outsourced offshore. That brings its own challenges for the companies that opt for offshoring. We want to see that change. Yes, cost can be a factor for outsourcing software engineering services abroad, but the quality factor has to be taken into account.

By partnering with Bournemouth and Poole college, we are aiming to further our goal of raising local young people into the IT Industry. There is so much talent in this country, that if nurtured in the right way, we could see the skills gap shortened considerably. That in turn, will give rise to the next wave of IT entrepreneurs who will give birth to the next big technological advance.

Yes, it can be time consuming. Filling in the forms, allocating tasks, hand-holding, and all the other things that the process of taking on young students for their work experience entails, can be an off-putting prospect for many businesses. Especially when there are deadlines to hit and there is no staff to be appointed for supervision.

Despite all of the above, it can be a really rewarding feeling when you are able to encourage someone and instil in them some confidence. For a young person, it can be very daunting starting out in the IT industry. It is not a small industry. And it is not an easy industry either. The initial lack of knowledge and experience can be intimidating. Being there at the start of these young people’s journey can be instrumental to them sticking at it and making it through. The future of the industry depends on it.

Here at PSL, it is our hope that more and more companies will opt to work with their local educational establishments to help the next generation of IT professionals. At the moment, Great Britain is amongst the world leaders in IT talent and skill. It would be good to do more though. Our vision may be a long way off, but very feasible, nonetheless.

And that is why we are proud to invest in people. Proud to invest in the next generation. May not be a quick win, may not be fruit that we will be enjoying soon, but it is a wise investment for sure.

Our question to all the IT-based companies out there is simple – would you do the same?, will you join us? We hope you will.

Final Word

Here at Poole Software Limited we do high quality bespoke software engineering and exceptional custom web development for all your business applications needs. Our experience is extensive, and we will be able to guide you and advise you throughout the whole process. Get in touch with us today!

04 Dec 2019 | Andrei Bazanov
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