Technical interview services

We understand that sometimes companies do not have the necessary resources in-house required to assess technical candidates during the hiring process. This service is aimed at companies which would like to hire a technical person such as a software developer or a web developer or even a mobile app developer, but do not have the people on staff who can accurately assess any given candidate. Technical screening is not easy and interviews take time. Sometimes buying in an interview service provider makes sense.

We have hiring experience in this area and will compile all the technical interview questions and assessment tasks to ensure that the right candidate is offered the job. We will do it in-person and provide a report at the end of the process for the hiring manager to make the right decision.

Many hiring managers opt for services such as Codility or other similar services, but that is not enough to find the right candidate. Developers get wise to it and spend time on Codility to practice then do well on assessment days. A good candidate is more than just a good result on Codility.

So, if you need some help with your hiring process for technical people, then give us a call. We have hired many software developers in the past and have good experience in choosing the right person for the job.