Bespoke Web API Application Development

Customer: Copperchase Limited
Microsoft Web API Application Development

"Copperchase is based in the UK and have grown to be a leading provider of systems and solutions to the ATC community across the world."

Copperchase Limited |

Recently, Copperchase Limited, a leading supplier to the Air-Traffic Control industry, has awarder Poole Software Limited the contract to build a new Web API application from ground-up.

The Copperchase Flight Data Management System (FDMS) is in live operation at numerous airports both around the UK and around the world. Copperchase Limited needed to make available an interface into it’s FDMS product to third-party airport billing systems.

The Interface was to be:

  • Secure
  • Resilient
  • Modern
  • Easy to interact with by third-party systems

Poole Software Limited took the time to produce a detailed Software Design Specification (SDS) to describe the deliverable application. Also, we produced an Interface Control Document (ICD) which described all the API end-points, and how a third-party developer is to interact with them.

Afterwards, Poole Software Limited developed a secure Web API application that allowed third-party billing system to interact with the Copperchase FDMS System and extract flight movements and update them.

Poole Software has managed to deliver the project according to the agreed specification within budget and within the agreed time-scales.

This further proves that Poole Software Limited is ready and capable to handle your bespoke software engineering and custom web development projects. Get in touch if you want to hear more.