Online Project Management Software Platform

Customer: South East Conservation Limited

South East Conservation like many other similar companies were struggling to keep a good grasp of their projects administration-wise. They were in need of some good project management tools which fitted their exact and unique requirements. They were unable to find a project management software application off the shelf which fitted exactly their business case. That forced them to try and use project management tools which did not exactly do what they required.

For them, each project requires digital cloud-based storage for all the paperwork and documents that are created as part of it. Things such as:

  • Diagrams
  • Receipts
  • Photographs
  • Documents
  • Drawings
  • Materials
  • Expenses
  • Labour
  • Units of Work
  • Change Requests
  • Tool Hire
  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • etc.

All these require storing and sorting for quick access all throughout the project by all parties involved. South East Conservation were inundated in Excel Spreadsheets, Folders, third-party project management tools, and so on. It was difficult to keep track of it all. Also, granting access to different parties to specific documents only, was very difficult. Change auditing was difficult to trace and human error was prevalent. Plus, there was the backup management and data storage issues. The lack of all these All that and more would result in additional admin work and, over or under estimations erroneously made. The final result was repetitive work and lost money.

The Requirements

The requirements we simple. An accessible, central project management platform that would grant granular role-based access to different parties to just the information or functionality required by them. It should have all the information pertaining to a given project together and easily accessible. Invoices and Quotes should be generated at the click of a button. And must be secure. Also, it needed to be mobile friendly for when you are out and about.

The Solution

The solution was an online, web-based Project Management Software Platform. The platform is hosted in the cloud and hence it runs on the best technology the world has to offer. Since it is web-based it is accessible everywhere: smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. It is username and password protected and built with the strictest security best practices in mind.

Since Poole Software offered to maintain the system, South East Conservation does not have to worry about backups and any other day to day maintenance requirements. The platform was easy to learn and easy to configure.

The Results

The results speak for themselves:

  • South East Conservation do not have to spend time visiting their accountant since the accountant has his/her own account on the platform and is able to collect all the information online.
  • No human error in calculations since the system does all the calculations.
  • All users have role-based access so South East Conservation can now grant just the privileges required to each system user. An administrator is always in control of who can see what on the platform. A comprehensive set of logs are created to track user behaviour whilst on the platform so that blame can be duly attributed to any offending party.
  • All receipts are scanned and uploaded into the system which prevents permanently losing them.
  • Reports such as Cash-flow, VAT, etc are available now, so no need to spend time generating them manually.
  • All the information is central and organised which saves time looking things up.
  • The Invoices and Quotes are automatically generated which saves time and errors.
  • Managing Payment Certificates for labourers is much easier now with automatic Payment Certificate (PDF) generation.
  • Manage your company price-list and services inventory within the platform. Also per-project price-list was implemented as well.

South East Conservation have saved on average 1 full day a month since switching to the platform. There are no longer Spreadsheet calculation/human errors, whilst at all times the management have a big overall accurate picture of what is going on, which projects are in trouble or behind and which projects are running smoothly. Overall, they are very pleased with the results.

If you need a similar project management software application built just for your unique requirements, whichever your industry sector may be, get in touch with us. We have the experience and expertise to build something just for your business so that you do not have to endure the pain of shoehorning your projects into project management tools they do not fit.