Online Learning Platform

Customer: Training for Professionals

Training for Professionals are the largest provider of lettings legislation training to agents and landlords in England and Wales. Recently, they approached us to design and develop for them from ground-up a bespoke online learning platform. They explained that the system needed to be done within 3 months, satisfy all the functionality requirements and work well alongside the current system. Well, we've only gone and done it!

Online learning platform lesson image

The online learning platform provides the ability to create new fully-online courses comprising of modules and lessons within the modules. The lessons are in both video and written formats configured in the correct order and logic progression of the lessons. The online training platform provides for easy navigation for a delegate and keeps track of a student's progress through the online course. It offers quick lesson quizzes the ability to quickly skip through lessons and much more.

Online learning platform shop image

Te platform also offers the facility of an integrated shop where customers can browse and purchase courses for themselves or for their delegates. The courses can be purchased and then assigned to individuals as required. The shop has searching and sorting facilities making it very easy to browse and find what the customer is looking for. It supports purchases by card, invoice and even direct debit.

Online learning platform purchased courses image

It has a full view of all purchases and offers the ability to assign purchased course seats to individual delegates as required. It is easy to see how many seats have been purchased, allocated and indeed left still to be allocated. A full 360 view of the whole learning process and progress from start to finish. A delegate can easily see their progress through the available online courses, which courses they have completed and which ones not yet.

Online learning platform dashboard image

The online learning platform also provides a nice dashboard showing the management team the overall progress of their teams through the learning process. It shows how many courses purchased, how many seats are still to b allocated, completion rate and also individual delegate progress overview. This makes it very easy to manage the entire learning process for the whole team.

Online learning platform course modules image

Each course can be split into modules and each module can be taken individually. Easy to see estimated time required to complete the module along with the grades already obtained. Clean, intuitive and easy to follow interface that delegates enjoy using. The whole platform is web-based and hence can be accessed from anywhere and virtually on any device. The learning experience is optimised for mobile devices too and so can be used on the go.

Online learning platform assessment questions image

The platform allows for assessing the delegates through exam-like multiple-choice question assessments which can be configured as required.

Online learning platform assessment exam image

The delegates get feedback on how they did in any given assessment.

Online learning platform assessment certificate image

And the delegates can even view and print their certificate.