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Customer: Nationwide Windscreen Services Limited

Nationwide Windscreen Services operate throughout the UK offering a 24 hour 7 days a week windscreen and body glass replacement service."

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Nationwide Windscreen Service (NWS) have a software system which they use to manage all their glass replacement and repair jobs through. The system requires specialist software support from a company that knows the industry and has experience with similar systems. Given our extensive experience and expertise in the fleet management industry, and especially with similar glass replacement job (worksheet) management software systems, we were able to quickly grasp the requirements and provide the kind of software support that NWS needed.

Our approach is to do an in-depth system assessment and provide the customer with an action list, ordered by priority. Our customers are then informed of what needs to be done and when to ensure that their software systems meet all the legal and cyber security, as well as the GDPR minimum requirements.