Custom Web Application Development

Customer: Copperchase Limited

"The sensors send raw or averaged meteorological data at periodic intervals, typically of 30 seconds. The data gateway processor reads the incoming data and stores it in a database for later distribution to MET displays or to other systems."

Copperchase Limited |

Recently, Copperchase, a local supplier of Air-Traffic Control data systems, have engaged Poole Software Limited to develop them a new custom web meteorological display. Copperchase provided some very stringent requirements for us to develop the new met display in accordance to.

The Copperchase Web Met Display will be available around Air-Traffic Control environments through their ATC-IDS system at the touch of a button. Since it is web-based, the new Met Display will be highly distributed and readily available in a variety of roles and positions within an ATC environment.

The Met Display was to be:

  • Resilient
  • Fault-tolerant
  • Really fast
  • And embeddable in other web pages.

We took the time to produce a high-quality Software Design Specification describing in high detail the deliverable solution. We also produced very thorough Software Test Specifications (STS) to prove and ensure the deliverable under stress and high volume of requests. Our careful planning and design have ensured the end result was within budget, time scales and most of all exactly fit for purpose.

This project has proved quite challenging since drawing graphical and visual weather indicators on a web page from real time data is not that easy. It involved careful and very accurate calculations, some geometry to make sure the orientation of the runways is correct, and the wind direction is accurately declared. We enjoyed delivering this project and have learnt a great deal. Our experience with ATC systems has increased as a result.

This further proves that we are ready and able to handle your bespoke software engineering and custom web development requirements. Do get in touch with us today if you need help with your software requirements.