Bespoke Online Booking Form Development for Windscreen Repair and Replacement

Customer: Nationwide Windscreen Services Limited

Recently, Nationwide Windscreen Services Limited contracted us to design and develop for them from ground-up a bespoke online booking form.

Nationwide Windscreen Services Limited is a glass repair and replacement services provider. They repair or replace glass for a very wide range of different vehicles. Their experience spans over decades and they are one of the leading glass repair and replacement networks in the country.

Due to an increase in the volume of work, Nationwide Windscreens have requested that a modern, fresh, easy to use and secure online booking form be developed which will allow their customers to avoid ringing in, but instead, book their vehicles for glass repair or replacement via the online booking form.

The overall aim was to save their customers time, ensure a more accurate and correct data capture and also, save on the number of inbound calls. A lot of wins were riding on the successful completion and commissioning of the booking forms.

Poole Software was able to deliver on all the requirements as expected. The new online booking forms are fully integrated with the Nationwide Windscreen Services’ internal system and jobs are entered into the back-of-house system without any human interaction. The data captured is correct, accurate and valid. The customers love it.

Whilst developing it, we ensured the forms are mobile-friendly given that most of the internet traffic these days is from mobile devices. We also ensured the customers get a nice acknowledgment email with a summary of their booking details.

Overall, the bespoke and fully integrated online booking form we developed for Nationwide Windscreen Services Limited is already saving them both, time, and money. So, if you have a similar requirement, or any bespoke software development requirements for that matter, we are just one phone call away.

Get in touch with us today and let’s build beautiful things together. Until then, why don’t you bookmark in your browser for the next time you need your vehicle glass repaired or replaced?