Air traffic control information display system (ATC IDS)

Customer: Copperchase Limited

Copperchase Limited is a leading supplier to the Air-Traffic Control (ATC) industry. The company is based in the UK but has branches around the world. Copperchase pride themselves with providing modern and innovative solutions to the ATC industry that are extremely resilient and of a very high quality standard.

Recently, Copperchase has awarded the contract for the provision of an ATC Information Display System (IDS) to Poole Software Limited. The system was to be a web-based Content Management System (CMS) that can be interacted with via touch screens around a given ATC environment.

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Poole Software Limited is proud to announce the successful delivery of the ATC-IDS system to Copperchase. The Copperchase ATC-IDS system is now expected to be installed in numerous ATC environments around the world.